2021: Hopeful for a better year

As we close the door on 2020, I think I write for many, when I state I sincerely hope 2021 is a better year. The covid scam-demic, random illogical restrictions, and a potentially stolen US election are all blights on 2020.

The bright news is that I see that the general public is finally waking up to the massive corruption in government, and I predict an uprising. Maybe the dirty politicians will cave quickly. If they don’t, it’s going to get ugly.

In Alberta, our bozo of a premier put in a lockdown, which started before Christmas and is set to continue until January 12th. Unfortunately for him, his ministers and other government minions were caught clearly violating the lockdown. The public outcry is just beginning as we become more aware of the scope of the violations. I believe at least eight UCP “civil servants” left the country to visit family, or just party. So far, Kenney has stood behind these clowns. He’s not a man who can take the heat, so I predict a crackdown in the coming weeks. Or, he can be overthrown internally as leader. That would be even better.

Next week will be interesting as school children are all supposed to participate in online learning. For some parents who can work from home, this may be doable in the short-term. For other parents, they may lose their jobs, if they can’t take vacation time. Our clueless government does not understand that taking a week off to play “teacher” is not a viable option for many.

If the Alberta government used a covid test with a reasonable threshold then maybe the covid “numbers” would have some credibility. When it’s quite apparent that a 90% rate of false positives is the reality, there is zero justification for any lockdown, or mandatory mask usage. Don’t even get me started on how useless masks are at stopping microscopic particles from spreading. Sigh. More people need to think for themselves and resist stupid regulations. Right now, all you have to do is state you have an underlying medical condition, and you are not legally obligated to wear a mask. No proof is required. Hopefully the word gets out.

Finally, the US election is coming to a head on January 6th. I do not think there is any doubt there was massive fraud and foreign interference. Will there be justice? Can Trump begin his legitimate second term?

If the election is stolen, at least 75 million Americans will have lost their democratic voice. In addition, election fraud will be normalized. This matters plenty to the US and the world. Without honesty in elections, the people will lose faith in the democratic system. History has shown that this is dynamite for a nation’s continued existence. Americans are not passive like Canadians, and everyone knows they are heavily armed. I pray for a peaceful solution and justice against those who committed treason. There can be no other way forward. We must demand justice!

I also believe that we are in the end times. It would be wise for all to “get right with their maker”. Prayer is powerful and God can move mountains. Let us all pray together for a better tomorrow. Our future depends on it.