This summary is from the book by Anthony William | Medical Medium.

While I enjoyed the tips for healthy eating, especially the specifics on which foods to eat to heal, or to avoid certain diseases, the section on angels was the most interesting to me.

This is a list of the 21 angels that stand for rebirth or new beginnings:

  1. Angel of Mercy: the most powerful angel to help during your darkest hour of need.
  2. Angel of Faith: can help daily to build your faith.
  3. Angel of Trust: to help with feelings of betrayal.
  4. Angel of Healing: for temporary relief, or to heal a loved one. There’s a note that you must ask for the help of other angels re: long-term healing for yourself.
  5. Restitution: to help with emotional trauma and deep-seated issues.
  6. Deliverance: relief from earthly judgement (e.g., divorce) and imprisonment from fear and anger.
  7. Sun: for when you’re in the sun and want the healing power of the sun’s rays.
  8. Light: for restoration by angelic light as given by God.
  9. Water: useful for healing a wound while bathing.
  10. Air: to help change your frame of mind after frustration or an argument.
  11. Purity: to help with addiction.
  12. Fertility: helps with conception and carrying a baby to term.
  13. Birth: for the health of the mum and baby during delivery.
  14. Peace: brings healing from mental distress and transitions thoughts to hope and prosperity.
  15. Beauty: to help appreciate natural beauty, including the beauty of someone’s soul.
  16. Purpose: to help find your purpose and increase your confidence.
  17. Knowledge: helps you provide advice to loved ones and discover information when you don’t know where to turn.
  18. Wisdom: for guidance on an important decision.
  19. Awareness: to help you to be more mindful and to open minds of others, so they are less judgmental and better communicators.
  20. Relationships: helps with marital issues and for single people trying to find a spouse.
  21. Dreams: helps resolve emotional turmoil in dreams.

Stay tuned for the unknown angels and how to access help from angels.