A cabin in the Monashee mountains

We recently took a little break to BC in the Monashee mountains. We stayed in a secluded cabin with no TV, nor wifi. It was a refreshing break.

We were a bit concerned heading out considering that our neighbour warned us that some BC residents had an issue with Albertans visiting their province. Supposedly, some BC-ites had scratched cars with Alberta license plates, and left nasty notes on windshields. Perhaps that is all true. However, from what I saw, the interior of BC is hurting significantly. Any small business and even large ones, welcomed visitors willing to spend their money.

After Revelstoke, as you head south on the 97A highway, it becomes crystal clear that not much is going on. The sad highway, which hasn’t seen any major improvements in I’m guessing 50 years, is in poor condition. Drivers must be on their toes to miss potholes, slow-moving BC trucks that pull out with no regard for other drivers, and rocks on the road. You certainly don’t want to be in a rush, and this is without the standard RV traffic.

After reaching our destination, we gladly stowed our gear in the comfortable cabin. The area near Lumby, BC is new to me. It is quite beautiful and serene.

Our view from the porch revealed a mountain range with misty clouds and plenty of evergreens. We were within a minute’s walk of a private lake, and fishing from a rowboat was amazing – even if we didn’t catch any fish.

A short hike the next day took us to the Echo Lake provincial park. It felt like another world with soggy, fallen trees, and a real rainforest vibe. At the end of the trail was a picnic table right next to Echo lake. BC certainly has some breathtaking scenery.