On Thursday, July 28, Alberta announced plan to fully reopen once and for all. This means covid restrictions should never be a factor again. We will need to learn to live with covid and make adjustments as need be. What a relief!

Our neighbouring province to the west, BC, decided to go in the opposite direction. If you’re planning on visiting the Okanagan, they’ll want you to wear a mask and are actively discouraging the unvaccinated from visiting. Idiots!

Given all the bad press coming out re: side effects from the experimental vax, it’s absolutely criminal to still coerce people to take this jab. Big pharma has a horrible reputation, yet people still trust them blindly. Black pigeon speaks (BPS) created an excellent video documenting how corrupt big pharma is. Even after paying billions in fines for criminal behaviour, governments actively support these criminals. You have to wonder why?

If we had more investigative journalists, I’ll bet we’d see a pattern of kickbacks and other favours being granted to those companies that “lobbied” the hardest. Why is lobbying even legal?

Stew Peters has documented Pfizer’s misdeeds. How is this allowed to continue?

I’m hoping that jurisdictions like Alberta encourage other places to reopen fully. I believe the tide is turning. Anybody willing to do a bit of research beyond the mainstream media can clearly see the dangers of lockdowns, experimental vaccination, and most importantly, that government for the most part, is actually your enemy. People must employ critical thought in order to protect their friends and family.

Let’s see the people take back their freedom and hold corrupt politicians to account. The silent majority needs to get involved and speak loudly!