Alberta at the crossroads

As Doug Ford, premier of Ontario learned, there is a line in the sand where the people finally push back. Many Ontario police departments decided that no, they would not be enforcing his latest lockdown measure. Police will not be randomly stopping people to enforce new rules. Could we see a similar situation in Alberta?

Rural Alberta has had it with Jason Kenney`s restrictions. A parody ad was placed in a local paper (in Consort, AB) that advertized fencing services complete with razor wire for churches - preferably installed after midnight. Grace Life church's plight has not gone unnoticed. Nor has the extraordinarily large bill being accumulated as the RCMP police the compound, formally known as a church.

Freedom marches are now weekly occurrences throughout the province. Calgary had another one near Princess island park this past Saturday, and there seems to be no letdown in the resolve of the people to break the government's will.

Kenney's approval rate is now the lowest in all of Canada. His strategy seems to be to shift left, in a pathetic attempt to cater to the NDP voter. Not smart at all. The NDP voter is firmly aligned with Rachel Notley, with blind support for unions, and more than a little sympathy for outright communism. Catering to these folks is a waste of time and will further alienate his base.

I was hopeful that the UCP caucus would finally give Kenney the boot, or schedule a leadership review in the next month or so. Sadly this appears to be unlikely. The UCP are firmly committed to riding their ship to the bottom with Kenney as their toxic captain. Bon voyage! 

Alberta sheriffs are encouraged to follow their conscience and defy draconian government measures that oppress Albertans. If Kenney was smart, he would have cancelled the RCMP contract and gone all in with an Alberta force. This represents yet another failure by our inept premier. However, Alberta sheriffs are a start in the right direction towards autonomy. With respectable leadership, they could become an important check on unbounded power grabs from a wannabe dictator.