Albertans travelling to BC

Having recently travelled to BC, we were told by a neighbour about unfriendly behaviour from BC-ites towards Albertans. I later read an article, which outlined some boorish behaviour, but I wonder what the average BC resident thinks about Albertans travelling west?

From what I saw in the interior of BC, businesses are hurting. While we drove, we listened to BC radio stations. One advert talked about residents being asked for donations, so that local businesses could survive. We didn’t experience any hostility.

In years past, I visited Dawson Creek in BC for work. The people were friendly, but they had trouble with a fringe crowd that was vandalizing oilfield equipment. My impression was that this fringe group were considered lunatics by the average resident in Dawson Creek. After all, the energy industry built the town a beautiful ice rink among other infrastructure upgrades. In addition, some of the vandalism put residents at risk. Messing around with high-pressure lines is not exactly the smartest thing to do.

So, with the bad press being given to BC-ites, perhaps it’s time for BC politicians to make some bold (and loud) statements about welcoming Albertans and that vandalism and boorish behaviour will not be tolerated. Taking a stand for both provinces would go a long way.

As it stands now, I personally know of people who will not visit BC. Some are fearful, some are angry, and some just see BC as being ungrateful and not deserving of any more Alberta money.

It would be a shame if the fringe element (drug addicts, backward hicks, etc.) were to contribute to worsening ties between the provinces. I was glad to travel to BC on vacation, and our hosts were grateful for our visit (and no doubt some extra money).

If there are BC residents that read this blog, please feel free to comment. Overall I think relations between the provinces are good, but I could be wrong.