Angels: the unknown ones

This summary is from the book by Anthony William | Medical Medium.

I found the information about angels a bit of a surprise because the book mostly deals with eating healthy foods and supplements in order to cure or prevent disease. However, content on angels is incredibly interesting to me.

Most everyone has heard of the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Anthony William writes that these angels have been fighting the powers of darkness for millennia. Here’s the thing I found very surprising. While these angels are indeed powerful, they are popular and hence very busy. Since they have free will, they choose which prayers they wish to act on, and they are susceptible to ego. (Remember that lucifer is a fallen angel.)

Given this, it is reassuring to know that there are 144,000 (a holy number God reveres) unknown angels. These angels have no acclaim and consequently have little temptation to succumb to ego. If you have faith, they can perform miracles while you are asleep, which can restore your body and soul.

The key is you have to ask out loud for help from an angel, but even a whisper is fine. If you are speech impaired, you can ask the Angel of Deliverance to act on your thoughts and pass on your prayers to other angels.

For example, you can ask the unknown angels to rejuvenate you while you sleep. If you have a large problem that is troubling you, you can specifically ask a group of unknown angels to help you.

Be aware that you must be sincere, honest, and committed, as angels do not like to be tested. Remember that they have free will. You cannot order them around like a slave.

Don’t be afraid to ask angels for help. The unknown angels are eager to assist. Be willing to act and be receptive to change. There are times that your prayers will be answered in ways you didn’t anticipate.

Be blessed.