Calgary: a city in decline

Calgary used to be a city of prosperity. It was a place where entrepreneurs thrived and it had a downtown core that was a hub of activity. Numerous energy companies set up their headquarters in Calgary, and things looked very bright.

Enter Naheed Nenshi. A guy I never voted for, but the majority of Calgarians voted for in 2010. He was hailed in the press as the “best mayor in the world”, and the first muslim mayor in a major North American city. Oh joy! He even promised to be a fiscal conservative, but like everything this con man stated, it was a lie.

Property taxes soared each and every year. Businesses were driven out of the downtown core by massive property tax hikes. When the businesses cratered, it was time to come after the residential homeowner. Council meetings were held behind closed doors, and when the clowns emerged from their secret meetings, more financial hardship was on the way for Calgarians.

To make matters worse, councils’ tenure between elections has gone from 3 years to 4 years. Of course, in an effort to save the taxpayer money!

Without recall legislation (ahem, wasn’t that an election promise of the UCP?), Calgarians are on the hook for more abuse. In actuality, the minister of municipal affairs could fire city council. However, Kaycee Madu only likes to have empty threats printed in the newspaper. Taking action is much too difficult for the man with the power to fire council.

The latest outrage is that the Calgary taxpayer is now going to fund BLM during an economic crisis when the official unemployment rate is over 15%!

It wasn’t bad enough that taxpayer dollars were wasted every which way, including on hideous public “art”. Now, we must fund an organization linked to antifa, which even Trump would like to designate as a domestic terrorist organization.

I found out about the BLM fiasco via this post. I would recommend reading it. It turns out BLM is even worse than I thought.

When politicians cross the line, the people must rise up and put them in their place. For those that live in Calgary, I’d encourage you to contact Kaycee Madu and demand that he fire Calgary council. His email address is: [email protected] You can also post on social media and talk to your friends. For too long, people have remained silent.

I would like to see council fired, but if that isn’t going to happen, then I want recall legislation put in place as soon as possible. We, the people, have to hold politicians accountable for their promises.