Communism: the real threat to a free society

In today’s hypersensitive world, the term “nazi” is thrown around liberally, especially on social media when people disagree with someone’s views. This predominately happens when a conservative viewpoint is expressed. Not only does the liberal use of the word “nazi” diminish the significance of the suffering lashed out on the Jews in world war II, but the word loses its shock value with repeated use. This blog post though is focused on a comparison.

Nazi Germany killed approximately six million people. In contrast, communist regimes such as under Stalin, Mao, and Xi can be attributed to murdering approximately 100 million people. If anything, the term communist should carry more weight, and be held with much more aversion. Instead we see students blinded in their ignorance marching for a communist ideology.

In fact, communism is the cool kid on the block. Isn’t everyone supposed to be equal, and the government will solve all your problems?

The shocking lack of knowledge of basic history is sickening. George Orwell’s book “1984” and “Animal Farm” both did a marvelous job exposing the hypocrisy of the “elite” who administer the communist manifesto.

What about all the murders? Organ harvesting? Forced starvation?

Public education of our young needs to be completely overhauled. Teachers that spew communist ideals need to be fired. Polluting the minds of the young equals much discord as evidenced by the violent mobs embracing BLM orthodoxy. Communism is not a philosophy to be embraced.

If the education system started focusing on the facts of what communism really entails, we’d have a chance of having a kinder, more productive society. Sadly, countering the misinformation espoused by leftist teachers will take many years, assuming we start the process right away.

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