Covid tyranny

Have you noticed that as the covid numbers are going down, restrictions largely stay in place?

More places (like Costco) are considering mandatory masks. The government with all its incompetence would like to track you by installing a voluntary app on your phone. They promise they won’t let this information fall into the “wrong” hands.

How about playgrounds?

Children have largely been unaffected by the virus, yet it is forbidden to have children play on these structures. If you go to a park, the magical number of 50 people congregated together must be obeyed.

Calgary’s bloated mayor loves all the restrictions and the attention when he can give a briefing on how Calgarians should live. “Don’t be like Toronto”, he chides. People in hogtown clustered too close together in a park, and that’s a big no-no in today’s politically correct society.

When you look at the numbers, especially covid deaths, it is crystal clear that the projections were grossly inaccurate. If you live in an old-age home or work at a meat-packing plant, then yes, you were and are at risk. However, should the rest of the society be punished, and the economy be destroyed as a precaution? Why not help out those most at risk?

It is time for people to start living normal lives and discard their irrational fear of dying. Perhaps this mentality is due to large numbers of the population ignoring or forgetting about God. If you know where your eternal destiny is, it becomes much easier to let the fears and anxieties of this mixed-up world subside. I hope and pray for a resurgence in faith-based communities, and more time for spirituality. Even spending a few minutes a day reading a devotional or the Bible will leave you much more refreshed than a thousand episodes of netflix, or other empty programming.

Also, it never hurts to become more involved with your community. If we could all write our political representatives and insist on restrictions being lifted, I think we will all transition into a more normal existence peacefully.