Having trouble sleeping?

You are not alone. My daughter has had trouble sleeping for an extended period of time. Even as a toddler, she would wake up during the night and in the morning, she’d have bags under her eyes. My wife and I tried numerous things: lavender in the bath, lavender oil in a diffuser, a set routine for bedtime, consulting a “sleep expert”, and many other things. Nothing seemed to have much effect.

Thankfully, my wife finally found something that bore results. It may sound a bit silly, but a weighted blanket has worked wonders. Supposedly even people with PTSD have been able to sleep peacefully throughout the night with this type of product.

We decided on a blanket made by Harkla and they’ve written a good post on the benefits of a weighted blanket. I can personally say that the product is of high quality and my daughter sleeps contentedly now. We were even able to get the blanket in her favourite colours: purple and pink.

If you decide to purchase a product from this caring company, please use this link. It is an affiliate link, which costs you nothing, and will provide a small commission to me should you buy anything. (This post is the first one where I’ve used such a link, and I am only doing so because the weighted blanket has made my daughter’s life better and our family time more peaceful.)


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