Jason Kenney: disgraceful liar

On December 8th, 2020, the premier of Alberta gave his latest press conference. Only ten days earlier, he held another one. The topic, as always, was covid.

The covid test results had gone up, but unanswered questions remained. What was the impact of the previous restrictions?

It seems that nobody bothered to wait a suitable time to even see if those restrictions had any impact. Such geniuses.

Why was Alberta using a threshold of 35 in their PCR test?

Some reports indicate that such a high threshold is likely to yield 97% false positive results. No matter. There was an agenda to put forward, and Mr Kenney in all his cowardice was getting tired of the NDP’s yowelling about a lockdown.

The only thing is he had promised that there wouldn’t be a lockdown. He also promised that there would be no mandatory vaccines. What to do?Well, in the case of expediency, the premier’s word had to go. Yes, a big whopper of a lockdown was announced on Dec 8th and it’s supposed to last at least four weeks. Christmas be damned it seems.

No indoor gatherings, no outdoor public gatherings, mandatory mask usage regardless of whether or not you have a medical condition, and 15% capacity in retail stores. All of these juicy items were packaged up into a messy bundle.

Oh, and there was the theatre of watching our disgraceful politicians and chief medical officer carefully scrub their hands with hand sanitizer, and then, only then, take off their useless cloth mask. Such drama! If only the pubic could give them an Oscar for their performance.

But wait, aren’t our airports still open?

Yes, yes, indeed they are. So, people from all over the world can continue to pop in for a visit while the population is supposed to stay at home and waste a month in isolation.

Will there be any repercussions?

Time will tell. Albertans tend to dislike liars, and our committed federalist of a premier hasn’t exactly worked wonders with the economy, nor negotiated anything of value with our illustrious prime minister.

In my opinion, Kenney’s days as leader of the UCP are numbered. He seems unable to withstand criticism by the NDP, can’t be relied on to keep his word, and still clings to a united canada. There is another protest scheduled in downtown Calgary for Saturday Dec 12th. Will it turn violent? Will Kenney back the police?

No matter how it turns out, it will further damage Kenney’s reputation as leader. He’s put himself in a no-win situation. The Western Independence Party of Alberta (WIPA) has taken a stance against his lockdown, and the NDP will never give credit to Kenney for anything. His base is quickly being eroded away.