Mandatory masks?

The drive for mandatory masks seems to be gaining steam. Perhaps the outcry on social media is a consequence for those who have not ventured out to enjoy the great outdoors and get fresh air. Being cooped up indoors can lead to feelings of paranoia and irrational thought.

Many posts have shown that wearing a mask does not protect you. Here’s an infographic that shows the dangers of wearing a mask.

Is there anybody who still trusts the WHO or other globalist entity? How about the illustrious Dr Tam in Canada? Rebel media did an excellent story on the facts behind this disgraceful pawn.

People need to wake up and make informed decisions. Trusting the government blindly, or any entity blindly, will not end well. It’s even worse if you want to enforce your viewpoint on others, and make wearing something mandatory, especially if you’re also okay with rough enforcement. I can see how “group think” leads to the rise of groups like the nazis. Will the brown shirts make another appearance? It is amazing how many people are so willing to give up their rights at the drop of the hat, and get raving mad, if others don’t jump off a cliff with them.

While I am no fan of Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, I give him credit for stating that masks will be voluntary. We do not live in a communist society yet, and I for one, intend to hold on to the rights we currently have, instead of knuckling under to the brainwashed masses.

Oh, and by the way, the CDC, has been caught redhanded inflating numbers re: covid infections. In some cases, having the common cold has been reported as a covid infection. There is a lot more going on than is being told in the mainstream media. In my opinion, the “deep swamp”, globalists, and others with criminal ties, will do anything (and I mean anything) in order to prevent Trump from being elected in 2020. There must be consequences for those that blatantly break the law and lie to the public. The day of reckoning is here.