Nenshi’s gross over-reach

During the week of July 20th, nenshi and other Calgary councilors, imposed a mandatory mask order effective August 1. What was supposed to be a bylaw for Calgary Transit only morphed into a bylaw for all public indoor spaces. Surprisingly, Alberta’s premier, in all his cowardice failed to put nenshi on a leash.

The premier had repeatedly stated that mask use was voluntary. Why then, would he allow a pompous blob like nenshi to step into the fray and impose a mandatory mask order?

This creates an odd situation where cities can now behave likes states and impose their own rules without regard for provincial laws. A dangerous precedent indeed.

As Calgary’s representatives head into a month-long vacation in August, further details on the bylaw will be hammered out today.

Is it legal for a bylaw officer to demand ID and issue tickets to individuals and businesses that don’t comply with the mask order?

Please comment if you know.

Will this bylaw be a real cash cow for a city struggling to pay expenses?
Councilors refuse to cut their salaries, glorious pensions, golden perks, or end pubic art funding. What could possibly go wrong?

When will the mask order be lifted?

The public was told that restrictions were temporary, but now it seems that certain government bodies love power just a little bit too much. Will there be resistance?

You bet. It’s going to get really interesting.

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