Politicians & things named after them

In today’s society, it seems like we have things a bit backward. Politicians are overcompensated with juicy pensions and spending accounts that often know no limits. Added to this, is the recent trend of using public money to create parks and other “art” in honour of our fair representatives.

The latest monstrosity that I stumbled across was the Dale Hodges park in NW Calgary. Residents affectionately referred to the area as the cliffs, and enjoyed the unspoiled beauty of a natural hillside that sloped down to the river. Natural things at the city of Calgary though, don’t stand a chance of staying “as is”. Natural beauty must be micromanaged and manipulated to the will of our overcompensated bureaucrats.

The rechristened park is touted as a “one-of-a-kind, beautiful stormwater treatment facility designed in collaboration with local artists”. In actuality, it is a glorified swamp providing a fantastic breeding ground for mosquitoes. Nobody can swim in the large sinkhole-like pool either, for fear of rapid changes in water volume, and more-likely, a ticket from an under-worked bylaw officer. What a disgrace!

With a price tag of $26.8 million, it didn’t come cheap either.

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