I’m sharing this idea as a speculative venture. If interested, proceed with extra cash you may have. I have no insider knowledge, and would not want anybody to risk rent money. However, I see high potential with this, and I see the SWIFT payment system as an abuse of power. This is an alternative to well-established banking systems. I recommend doing your own research, but you could get in on the ground floor – that’s my tip.
I decided to take the plunge and make a small investment in a cryptocurrency called XRP. Ripple, the company that created this cypto, realized that there was a big opportunity in facilitating money transfers between different currencies. Today, if you wanted to send cash to Japan, for example, it would be quicker to pack a suitcase full of cash, and book a flight. Assuming you didn’t exceed your limits with customs, you’d be home free. Alternatively, you could use a bank transfer, but you’re subject to a multi-day wait (often a min of 3-days), fees, and currency conversion (the USD is often used as a common currency for conversion). With XRP, you have an alternative to the SWIFT payment system, with the banks and payment systems jumping on-board. Stay tuned for new developments in the coming weeks.