The Alberta disadvantage

As of April 29, 2021, Alberta is facing further lockdowns and the possibility of a curfew. Jason Kenney, as the disgraced, lying premier of Alberta is committed to clawing back freedoms and cementing more control over the populace. “Science” as dictated by Deena Hinshaw is the basis for the latest affront to democracy. Other doctors who have differing conclusions on covid are ignored. Hinshaw seems to be the only doctor Kenney listens to, and she’s an appointee of the infamous communist, Rachael Notley.

Earlier in the month, Mr Kenney had an approval rating of 20% – the lowest in the country. How low will it have to go before the UCP caucus finally boots this toxic man to the curb?

If that weren’t enough, Alberta is now going to charge beleaguered Albertans $90 on an annual basis to access Kananaskis country, a provincial park that has provided free access for decades. Given that many Albertans have lost their jobs, or taken pay cuts, the timing on this is atrocious. People need time outdoors to enjoy nature and exercise in a healthy manner. How can the government spend $300 million on a completely ineffective “war room” and then deny Albertans free access to their park. Not to mention, the billions in corporate welfare offered for the Keystone pipeline. Clearly, this government is an enemy of the people.

My prediction is that the people will rise up. The continual oppression by this government is only getting worse. There is only so much Albertans are willing to take.