The fight between good and evil

Instead of a big celebration for Trump’s landslide victory, we are mired in legal wrangling and massive disinformation courtesy of the mainstream media (MSM). There couldn’t be more at stake.

Trump represents the free market and giving the average person a voice. What happens in America directly affects other countries, especially Alberta. For example, Trump has done more for Alberta’s energy industry than its own premier. With a Trump victory, Alberta may even be able to free itself from the shackles of bondage to Ottawa. However, Trump’s path to victory looks tough indeed. For some pause for hope, this twitter feed is interesting.

If Biden actually moves into the White House, I believe Americans can expect lockdowns, mandatory masks, loss of firearms, and loss of many well-established democratic rights. China will have a major foothold in the US, and free speech will pretty much end. In addition, the “green new deal” will get rammed through, further gutting the energy industry. Bad news indeed for Alberta.

What is so outrageous is that the scale of election fraud is off the charts. Dominion Voting was used to scam votes electronically and scores of the dead voted for the dems. Everywhere you turn, more evidence is presented showcasing fraud. What a shame that the MSM has no interest in reporting facts. I have faith in Sidney Powell, so hopefully she can swing evidence to the SCOTUS and end this clown show that’s denied Trump the second term he so richly deserves.