The greatest fraud of all time

As the covid virus mutates and becomes steadily less deadly, it is interesting to note how government and the media scrambles to retain their grip on power. The omicron variant is no question less deadly than earlier strains, but politicians are all about more lockdowns and restrictions. Boris Johnson, Biden and turdeau are practically in hysterics to lock things down even tighter.

However, the narrative is falling apart. It is becoming increasingly obvious that there ARE side effects with the covid vax, especially with young people. Robert Malone (link to his twitter feed), inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, is very clear on recommending AGAINST the vax. This article lists real consequences to a number of athletes and the list keeps growing.

It would appear that unless government can suppress all information on the growing catastrophe, they are going to feel the wrath of the public very soon. A Nuremberg trial is too good for many of them. Cozy deals were signed with big pharma, including suppression of clinical data for 55 years in the case of pfizer. Who is their right mind would sign such a deal?

As with all things, I would suggest following the money. Can we get an audit of the personal finances of the heads of state? I suspect some interesting payoffs would be found. What other motivation could there be for this scam?

Perhaps some blackmail is involved too. In recent days, we have heard of many CEOs stepping down and one news channel, CNN, has had top-level employees linked to pedo activities. It would not surprise me to see government officials guilty of the same crimes.

If this is indeed the case, we are witnessing the greatest fraud of all time. It means that big pharma is essentially a world government, which has imposed its will pretty much universally on all countries in the world. It boggles the mind.

How do we break free?

I would suggest massive protests, civil disobedience, continual complaints against government, and prayer. Also, here’s an obvious one. Don’t give the vax to your children! If you can, continue to refuse the vax, and banish the idea of taking boosters.

I need to emphasize the last point: PRAYER!

If Christians focus their prayers on God’s will to be done and for justice, great things WILL happen. God despises injustice and that is what we are experiencing on a grand scale. We must pray for evil leaders to be removed and godly ones to be put in their place. Let God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Our current state of affairs is an abomination.

If the eventual goal of government / big pharma is to reduce the population and enslave the masses, so that the “elite” have more power, we better step up to the plate now! We are losing our freedom at an alarming pace and unless corrective action is taken, it will be too late.