The season of discontent

As we surpass the six-month mark of restrictions due to covid, it becomes fundamentally obvious that restrictions are not going to be lifted any time soon. Numerous studies have determined that covid primarily affects those over 70 with pre-existing conditions, and even then, the mortality rate is about equal to the flu. Over 99% of people will not be adversely affected by covid. Nevertheless, all of society is under the thumb of their government.


For years, globalists have fantasized about controlling the masses. Climate change was floated as an idea to shut things down. That didn’t seem to work very well. This virus however, has been an astounding success at consolidating vast amounts of power in the government’s hands.

Some governments, like in New Zealand, have taken things to the extreme, insisting on people wearing masks at home, and arresting those that openly dissent. Even most parts of the US have restrictions in place.

There are also nasty globalists like Soros and Gates who have thought of ways to profit from this man-made epidemic. A vaccine can be used to profit mightily, and both characters wouldn’t mind a drastic drop in the world population. Trying to enforce justice on wealthy globalists seems next to impossible though.

The real question is: what’s it going to take to get our freedom back?
The chance of zero cases globally is zero, but is that the goal?

My opinion is only open dissent by large numbers of protesters will change the situation, if government will not relinquish power. A citizen of the US has a greater chance of success because of the easy access to guns. Canada has benefited from its close proximity to the US, as getting guns across an unprotected border should be pretty darn simple. Will that be what is takes?

I’m hopeful for Trump to win a massive majority in Nov. He is clearly for individual freedom and against globalist schemes. Now that he has appointed a replacement for RGB, a contested election should still result in his victory. I sincerely hope.

I certainly do not want to imagine a future with Biden in charge given his corrupt ties to many foreign regimes. Tonight’s debate should prove interesting.