The true story of Fatima

I recently read the True Story of Fatima, which has over three million copies in print. This story is still relevant today as the promise of a period of world peace has not been fulfilled due to people being in non-compliance with what Holy Mother Mary and Jesus requested. If only the pope and bishops had specifically prayed for Russia when they were repeatedly asked to, the world would have been delivered from the horrors of communism, which is a growing threat yet today.

To briefly summarize the story, read What is Fatima?

I found it incredible to read how visions of angels, Holy Mother Mary, and Jesus appeared to a Portuguese child by the name of Lucia, who was often accompanied by her two cousins Jacinta and Francisco. Their first encounter happened in 1915, and an estimated 70,000 saw the miraculous signs in the sky in 1917. Lucia became a nun who had additional visions and experienced increased influence despite the fact she chose a life of solitude with a commitment to speak sparingly. Even though her cousins died at a young age, they also had a big impact on their community. I would encourage you to read more at and you can request your own copy of the story by emailing [email protected].

It seems to me that praying the rosary and praying to Jesus can make a big difference to alleviate the troubled times we are in. I was sad to hear of the struggles the young Portuguese children went through, but we as believers, can still make a difference today. Prayer is a power weapon for good!