The vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated

Oh, the merriment of the political class to divide and conquer. Using the techniques perfected during the rise of communism in china (and elsewhere), “western societies” are now trying out these age-old techniques. By having a divided society, dirty politicians can consolidate their power and claw back rights & freedoms enjoyed (and largely taken for granted) for decades.

Skin color was used, then sexual orientation, and now vaccination status. The list of attributes for exploitation has reached a fevered pitch. Thankfully word is leaking out re: the risks of side effects / death for the covid vaccine. It’s not surprising this is happening as the vax was rolled out so quickly without adequate testing. Reasonable and responsible people are reporting their side effects. Even with the mainstream media (msm) silencing them, enough stories are trickling through alternative channels.

Israel has led the way with vaccine compliance and now serves as a cautionary tale. It turns out that the vaccinated are at greater risk of covid variants than the unvaccinated. Given that the covid vax is detrimental to one’s immune system, this is quite logical.

However, there are still rabid fanatics for the vax and not all are bought-and-paid-for sycophants of big pharma. It seems to be a form of mental illness. So many have bought into the fear porn of the msm and are afraid of resuming their normal lives. Worse, there are many that relish the idea of controlling their fellow man. If they got the vax, then everybody else should too. In some cases, even those with serious side effects want to have others share in their misery.

Thankfully, not all of humanity is this deranged. There are people who abhor the restrictions placed on people who refuse the vaccine regardless of whether or not they have taken the vax. This is cause for hope.

Courageous leaders like Maxime Bernier, Chris Skye, Stew Peters and others are leading the way warning the general public about the nefarious government, and their end goal (search “great reset”) using division to get what they want. If we stand together, government officials persecuting the public will fall. However, getting people to stand up and fight, especially in canada, is another matter.

Vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines are morally wrong. You don’t even have to vaccinate your child with the run-of-the-mill vaccines in order to enroll your child in public school. Why in God’s name are we elevating the experimental vax to a mandatory requirement?

Any business that even suggests that proof of taking the experimental vax is required should be boycotted and any public money given to them, taken away. We should never stand for the establishment of a two-tiered society, especially based on the whims of big pharma. For the ignorant masses, many have no clue that the jabs are only going to increase in frequency in order for the dumb schmuck with the vaccine passport to retain its validity. Yes, not just two shots, but three, and then boosters every 5 months or so. This greatly helps the bottom line for those virtuous pharmaceutical companies who would never bend the rules to suit their profitability. Wake up people!

Denying people the right to travel is the big hammer. Many people have knuckled under in order to travel again (someday). The thing is you can still travel without the vax. You may have to take a rapid test, fight a fine, but risking your life, is it worth it?

Covid still has a 99% survival rate for those in healthy condition. It is high time to use critical thinking and fight back against any government who wants to enslave you. Being a coward and jumping through hoops to get a vaccine passport is why the government succeeds in their power grab. People must stand up and say no!

There are enough of us to force moral governance and re-educate the government to the fact that they work for us, not the other way around!